Starkville, MS –  Humo, in partnership with Sensoria, a leader in wearable technology, is set to unveil a revolutionary golf training solution at the PGA of America Show in Orlando, January 24-26, 2024. This collaboration marks a significant advancement in golf training technology, particularly for junior and developing golfers. This event marks a pivotal moment for Humo, showcasing its cutting-edge technology in the sports industry.

Humo’s forthcoming product line, which will be featured in the Inventors Showcase at the PGA Show, is the culmination of years of development and innovation. Based on licensed MSU technology, Humo’s launch product – Humo Go – leverages the most advanced microelectronics and textile sensors embedded within the fabric to provide real-time feedback on various aspects of the golf swing. The socks are designed to analyze key metrics such as weight distribution, balance, and foot pressure during the swing, offering golfers unprecedented insights into their technique.

“Our mission is to elevate the golfing experience for the junior and developing golfer through technology,” said Charles Freeman, CEO at Humo. “Teaming up with Sensoria allows us to provide young golfers with a state-of-the-art tool for refining their swings and achieving peak performance.”

Targeting junior and developing golfers, Humo has established partnerships with US Kids Golf and The First Tee by the PGA Tour Foundation. These collaborations are crucial in leveraging Humo’s technology to enhance young athletes’ training and development.

Born from extensive research on multiple National Science Foundation (NSF) projects in Athlete Engineering, Humo exemplifies the successful transition from academic research to market innovation. As a Mississippi University Research Authority (MURA) company, Humo has merged sophisticated technology with practical sports applications, focusing particularly on golf. The partnership combines Sensoria’s expertise in smart textile technology and Humo’s dedication to enhancing golf swing performance.

The company is one of the flagship research-based technology startups out of MSU. It has excelled in the E-Center’s VentureCatalyst Accelerator and strongly supported through the Office of Technology Management. Humo was one of the first members to locate in Cowork at the Hub, MSU E-Center’s downtown coworking space. In 2022, Humo was selected and accepted to InnovateMS’s Cobuilders Accelerator, and was selected to represent MSU at the Southeastern Conference (SEC) Pitch Competition.

Eric Hill, Director of the E-Center, enthusiastically expressed pride for the company. “Humo’s debut at the PGA of America Show represents one of the biggest milestones in their journey of bringing a product to market. Their success is a shining example of the entrepreneurial spirit and the company is on a great trajectory.”

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About Humo, LLC
Humo Golf is an innovative technology company helping to revolutionize the world of golf. We combine neuromechanics, engineering, and golf instruction knowledge to create unique products that change how golfers think about their game. Humo was founded out of Mississippi State University’s Athlete Engineering Working Group. The founders of Humo have developed wearable technologies that can be used for a wide variety of use cases to move research out of the lab. Visit their website at