Management and Entrepreneurship Study Abroad

Join your fellow bulldogs from eight disciplines on a two-week study abroad experience in France, Germany, and Italy!

Why participate?

  • Gain exposure to family businesses, innovation teams in large companies, and tech startups in Europe.
  • Learn cultural differences in international ecosystems.
  • Meet founders building companies in foreign markets.
  • Management and Entrepreneurship track co-taught by Dr. Erik Markin and Dean Sharon Oswald.
  • Collaborate and learn with a cross-disciplinary group of students from seven other programs across campus.

Other Details

  • Dates: June 4- June 19, 2023
  • Eligibility:  Must have at least a 2.5 GPA and sophomore standing by program start date.
  • Program Fee:  $5,300 (you are eligible to apply financial aid)
  • Faculty:  Dr. Erik Markin and Dean Sharon Oswald.
  • Curricular Applicability:  This study abroad program applies towards many disciplines within the College of Business.
    • Management major: Applies as a major elective
    • Business Administration major: Applies as management elective
    • International Business major:  Applies as an IB elective or as MGT major elective
    • Entrepreneurship minor:  Applies toward the 15 hour minor, most likely in place of MGT 3333, but if a student already had that course, then it could replace one of the other minor courses
    • Jack Hatcher Certificate:  May replace any class in the certificate.

Other Majors and Tracks

Outside the College of Business? Join the trip in one of these other discipline-specific tracks:

  • Fashion Design & Merchandising
  • Human Development and Family Science
  • Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Global Agricultural Leadership & Communication & Agricultural Sciences
  • Kinesiology and Human Performance
  • Global Public Health
  • Material and Fine Art History
  • Plant and Soil Sciences & Horticulture

For additional details on study abroad visit the International Institute Official Website.

Questions? Please contact Katie Ruth at (662) 325-2440 or