Professional Staff

Eric Alan Hill

Director of Entrepreneurship

(662) 325-2560

Jeffrey Rupp

Director of Outreach

(662) 325-8122

Michael Lane

Program Coordinator, Idea Shop

(662) 498-6390

Brooke Lammert


(662) 325-3521

Madison Grant

Program Specialist

(662) 325-4813

Student Client Specialists

Cameron Maddox
Founder, Campus Carts
Accounting (’20)

Jordan Henderson
Founder, Brace Buddy
Marketing (’21)

Clayton Spaulding
Founder, Aerostrip
Aerospace Engineering (’20)

Andrea Monroy
Software Engineering (’21)

Terrence Green, Jr.
Founder, Green Royale Videos
Business Administration (’20)

Ethan Welford
Aerospace Engineering (’20)

Peer Review Entrepreneurship Panel (PREP)

Adrian Marcus
Co-Founder & Creative Director, SociallyIN, LLC

Anna Barker
Vice President, Vibe, LLC (Glo)

Benjamin Bailey
Founder, Orator Studios, LLC

Calvin Waddy
Co-Founder & CEO, Rocketing, LLC

Cameron Maddox
Co-Owner, Cowbell Carts, LLC

Charles Parker
CEO, Rod Sox, LLC

Cliff Danzy
Co-Founder, Sneaker Beaterz, LLC

Conor Ferguson
Founder and CEO, WISPR Systems

Hagan Walker, Chair
Co-Founder & CTO, Vibe, LLC (Glo)

Kaylie Mitchell
Co-Founder, Vibe, LLC (Glo)

Keith Kakadia
Co-Founder & CEO, SociallyIN, LLC

Kierre Dawkins
Co-Founder, Sneaker Beaterz, LLC

Matthew Hoelter
Co-Founder, Kode

Rahul Gopal
Co-Founder, CampusKnot, Inc

Ryan Gilbrech
Co-Founder & CEO, Meta Games, LLC

Stephen Caples
Co-Founder, BattleBells

Entrepreneurship Center Advisory Board (ECAB)

Executive Members

Boyce Adams, Sr.
President & CEO, BankTEL Systems, Inc. (bio)

Tal Clark
VP Sales & Founding Team Member, Money Network (acq.)

Greg Hinkebein
Owner, Mississippi Global Technologies (bio)

Paul Luckett
Managing Partner, No Sky Solutions

Wade Patterson
Co-Founder/CEO (Acq.), Synapse Wireless, Inc. (bio)

Robert “RJ” Reed
President, Reed Food Technology

John Walters
Co-Founder and President, NIGP Code Services (Acq.), Periscope Holdings, Inc. (bio)

Ben Walton
President, Mississippi Angel Network

Gary Watts
Founder & CEO, Fuse Cloud

Honorary Past Members

Timothy Duncan
Founder, Talos Energy, LLC (bio)

Martin F. Jue
President and Founder, MFJ Enterprises, Inc.

David Latham
Chief Financial Officer, AGROdeviate, LLC

Tom Livingston
President and COO, Rampart IC

Faculty Members

Charles Freeman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Apparel, Textiles and Merchandising

Randy Follett, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Melissa Moore, Ph.D.
Professor of Marketing

Robert Moore, Ph.D.
Professor of Marketing

Lori Neuenfeldt
Gallery Director and Instructor