Minor in Entrepreneurship

The College of Business at MSU offers an Entrepreneurship Minor, providing a path for students from any major to supplement their education with the skills needed to start their own business. This minor offers interdisciplinary coursework in management, marketing/branding, entrepreneurial finance, and the legal aspects of entrepreneurship. Each course in the minor goes beyond traditional business courses by focusing on entrepreneurial applications.

Learning Outcomes:

Students completing the Entrepreneurship Minor will be able to:

  Develop a business plan for a new business venture

  Understand and interpret the financial statements required to obtain funding from outside investors

  Understand legal issues pertaining to new business ventures

  Develop a brand strategy plan for a new business venture


The minor is comprised of 16 hours listed below:

  MGT 3323 — Entrepreneurship (SP/FA)
An introduction to the processes involved in owning and managing a business. Includes the entrepreneurial activities normally associated with starting and operating a business.

  MGT 3333 — Field Studies in Entrepreneurship (SP/FA)
Three hours lecture. Students, working in groups under the direction of their professor, will assess the problems of an embryonic or operating entrepreneurial organization and recommend appropriate solutions.

  BL 4243 — Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship (SP/FA)
Three hours lecture. Business creation including legal aspects from permits and taxes to structure and sale with emphasis on Mississippi Law.

  FIN 4323 — Entrepreneurial Finance/Venture Capital (SPR Only)
Three hours lecture. Development, implementation, and control of financial plans, strategies, and policies by owner-managers of small and medium-sized firms; analysis of alternatives and decision making.

  MKT 4423 — Strategic Brand Management (FA Only)
Three hours lecture. This course explores the concepts of brands, brand equity, and strategic brand management, providing practical insights for building brands and enhancing profitability of existing brands.

  GE 3011 — Engineering Entrepreneurship Seminar (SP/FA)
One hour seminar. Current topics in engineering entrepreneurship to enable students to better understand the role of the entrepreneur in creating start-up companies and leading young existing companies.