The MSU Idea Shop

The Mississippi State University Idea Shop is about bringing concepts to reality – and ultimately into the hands of customers – all in one building. Located in a 2,000 sq.ft. retail store on Main Street in Starkville, MS, the facility houses the Turner A. Wingo Maker Studio and the MSU Retail Product Accelerator.

The Idea Shop is operated by MSU’s College of Business and School of Human Sciences. The project was made possible by numerous private contributions and support by the USDA Rural Business Development program.

Turner A. Wingo Maker Studio

The Maker Studio provides a comprehensive assortment of design workstations, 3D printers, electronics workbenches and advanced woodworking tools not commonly available, to help people build anything imaginable. Membership is available to the general public, and various workshops are regularly hosted for newcomers to the “maker movement.”

Membership is available to the general public.


  X-Carve 1000mm CNC 3D Carver (750mm x 750mm bed)

  X-Carve 500mm CNC 3D Carver (250mm x 250mm bed)

  Laser Engraver (24″ x 12″ with Rotisserie)

  Digital Prototyping

Dual-screen CAD/CAM Workstations
6x Creality Ender 3 FDM 3D Printers
FormLabs Form 2 SLA 3D Printer (w/FormCure and Form/Wash)

  Various Metal & Woodworking Tools

Desktop Metal Lathe
Wood Lathe
Saws (Table, Band, Miter, Circular, Reciprocal)
Drill Press
Dremel / Handheld Tools


Soldering Stations

  Hand Tool Peg Board (Misc wrenches, hand/coping saws, hammers, mallets, etc.)

  Measuring Instrument Pegboard (Misc rulers, levels, squares, etc.)

Membership Rates

Membership Semester Monthly Biannual Annual
Student  $ 40
MSU Employee  $ 20  $ 100  $ 180
Gen. Public  $ 25  $ 125  $ 225

Family Discount: A family may join at the MSU Employee rate, plus $5/mo/child (ages 13 and under) and $10/mo/person (ages 14 and up). Limit 5 members.

Student Groups (4 or more members) receive a 25% discount.

Non-Student Groups (4 or more members) receive a 20% discount.

Retail Accelerator Program

The front of the Idea Shop is a fully operational retail store, featuring products sourced from student and faculty entrepreneurs, in addition to other local community startups. This provides an outlet for very early stage entrepreneurs and makers to gain direct experience in commerce and all associated functions of retailing a product, as well as a channel to test new ideas with real, paying customers.

The MSU Retail Accelerator Program is operated by the School of Human Sciences.

Become a Vendor

The MSU Idea Shop accepts applications year-round from merchants interested in placing products in a retail storefront. Any student, faculty, or community startup, who is the original creator or manufacturer of a good, is eligible to apply for consideration in the Idea Shop.

Terms and Conditions:

All MSU Idea Shop products are carried and sold on consignment. Consignment is an arrangement in which a seller (or “consignor”) sends goods to a buyer (or “consignee”) without getting payment for the goods then itself. The consignee or the buyer pays the amount only when the goods are sold, and any unsold inventory is returned.

  • The MSU Idea Shop reserves the right to refuse any vendor or product application, for any reason. If accepted as a vendor, the relationship can be terminated by either party at any time with 14 days notice.
  • Your products will remain your property until such time as they are sold.
  • The MSU Idea Shop agrees to make best effort to sell your goods.
  • The MSU Idea Shop agrees to return to you, upon demand, any unsold merchandise. The goods must be returned in the same or similar condition, unless this is impossible due to shopper damage or theft.
  • The MSU Idea Shop, at it’s discretion, may opt to return unsold goods to you at any time.
  • The MSU Idea Shop agrees to sell the goods at the agreed price points and markdowns.
  • The MSU Idea Shop agrees that all proceeds due, will be paid on a rolling quarterly basis.
  • Under no circumstances can MSU carry products or support any business that is (or otherwise perceived to be): (a) based in a foreign country; (b) engaging in any activity that is illegal under federal and/or state law; (c) lewd or sexual in nature; (d) promoting violence or drug use; (e) gambling; (f) multi-level marketing.
  • You affirm that your business is in compliance with all local, state, and federal tax laws and license requirements and that your business will maintain compliance with all appropriate tax and business compliance guidelines as set forth by the appropriate jurisdictions.