Mission Statement

The MSU E-Center empowers students to plan, launch and grow successful local and global companies based on new ideas or MSU invented technology. Our companies are graded in the real world – by success or failure with actual, paying customers.

We use applied learning to strengthen our pipeline of entrepreneurs from K-12 to college students to graduates, and encourage broad involvement of alumni and friends to help mentor, coach and invest in our startups. ​Our priority on generating a track record of exits and profitable local businesses makes us a national leader in this field and motivates ever increasing investor interest in these areas. These companies contribute to a thriving young professional community, cementing Starkville as the startup hub of the Southeast and propelling our expansion throughout Mississippi.​

Our Vision

The MSU E-Center will be a nationally recognized leader in creating successful startups.

Our Culture

  1. We help entrepreneurs have a greater chance at sustainable success.
  2. We unwaveringly pursue an open, inviting, creative culture where anyone can change the world.
  3. We encourage BIG ideas and vision, but coach execution. Ideas are easy. Execution is not.
  4. We take tests in the real world. Our grade comes from success or failure with actual, paying customers.
  5. We move fast, aiming for great today rather than perfect next quarter.
  6. We embrace learning from failure, criticism, and no.
  7. We encourage and pick people up when they are down.
  8. We believe Mississippi is an advantage, not a limitation.
  9. We give our time to help grow the Mississippi State family and recognize everyone has a role helping to coach the next entrepreneurs.